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One Simple Tip to Get Control of Your Business (and Life!)


Okay, you know those posts that are all over the place telling you they have One Simple Tip that will make you productive and it’s always something you have to buy from them and it’s got like 25 steps to prep and then will take 2 hours and MAYBE it will work, but probably it won’t because you don’t work exactly like them, or you aren’t in the same business as they are?

One Simple Tip ::

Yeah, this is not that type of a tip.

I’m not selling you anything and you can do this with things you have in your house. You probably have the items within reach of you right now.

Are you ready?

It’s called a Brain Dump and it’s super easy.

Step 1: Grab a writing utensil (pen, pencil, crayon – doesn’t matter. You can use your phone or computer, but the tactile process of hand writing has been shown to work better.)

Step 2: Grab something to write on (fancy planner, notebook, post-it notes….anything)

Step 3: Write. Spill out EVERYTHING that is in your mind. Work things. Home things. Random thoughts about your crush in 2nd Grade. Everything.

Step 4: Organize that list. This can be anything from highlighting in color coded pens to put things on separate lists or simple crossing off things as you get them done. It’s up to you.

Step 5: Be Productive!

Alas, the list will not get done itself. But if you’ve written down everything that is in your head, it doesn’t need to sit in your head anymore and you can actually think about what does need to get done!

I do it every morning while listening to music and burning a candle, while drinking my coffee. It is a great way to recharge after a good nights sleep. It lets me transition from the craziness of making sure everyone gets out the door on time and prepared, and into #bosslady mode.

Have you tried Brain Dumping? Does it work for you? How do you dump?

Share in the comments or on our Facebook page how you manage your list of things to get done!

Tuesday Tip :: Don’t Forget to Love Yourself



Today, I’m going to get a little bit sappy and a whole lot of rambley in a video…but every so often, something hits my heart and I need to share it with you guys.

Especially when on my Facebook feed today, I see this from a friend:


I’m here to tell you that yes, you can nap. Yes, it will help you not only be more productive, but it will help refresh yourself and really recharge and let you get to the place you want and need to be! Watch this video and let me know what you think! I really do want to hear.

How to Add Images to a Template in Photoshop



You may have bought templates from one of the hundreds of places that offer them for sale. You see the beautiful examples in their shop, maybe they are on a special sale and you just can’t pass them up.

Then you get them into Photoshop and are stumped. How do you add your own images to the template and make it how you want it to be?

This video is here for you!

Enjoy and let me know if it helps you!

How to Batch Resize Your Images in Photoshop



If I get a question multiple times from someone, let’s face it….I’m lazy. I want to be able to easily answer the question for them and multiple additional people that will ask the same thing in the future. Don’t ask me how it is easier for me to go through and make a video than to just copy and paste, but I’m sticking to it!

So, if you want to learn how to easily batch resize your images for your website all in one go, check out the video below! It can streamline your upload process (because it won’t take 4 hours to upload your images) but will also make sure that your website is not bloated from all of the bandwidth it takes to LOAD those images!


What do you think? Will you be using this to streamline your workflow and upload resized videos to your website?

And I’m going to be doing more of these videos! I’ve got my WordPress Wednesdays coming back, but what else do you guys want to learn? I’m open for anything! Ask questions and we’ll get it solved for you!

Tuesday Tip :: Start Sloppy



I’ve had the honor to do two great workshops for education and implementation this year, Brand Camp with Kristen Kalp and BonjOrganization with Kelli France. Both have had different goals and different plans and completely different tasks to succeed. Both have helped me move mountains and make significant changes to my business, goals and the future.

Something that they both talked about though, is Starting Sloppy.

I don’t know about you, but I have all of these ideas spinning through my head. I’m an artist, and a mom and an entrepreneur – my brain never stops. After I brain dump though and get it all out on paper, it becomes less useful. At least, until I actually do something with that information and ideas.

So I just start. Starting sloppy means the stress of the unknown, the overwhelm that occurs with a blank canvas, is gone. That roadblock of nothingness isn’t there, which makes the next steps so much easier to take!

So I ask you, my lovelies: what has been on your to do list for so long it might as well be tattooed on your skin that needs to get done? Why not start sloppy so that you can get past the unknown and make every other step so much easier?

I’m going to be doing my new free PDF download for you guys….I’m so excited and have had notes on it but haven’t started yet because I’m scared. That is so going to change!

Throwback Thursday :: Work with Professionals


I love going through some of the words I’ve written in the past….here is one from 2012!

There is nothing worse than when you finally discover that you are not perfect at everything. I know this may come as a shock to you but it’s the truth. That there are some things that you cannot do.


I love the variety of skill sets that people have.

For example…

I know an amazing photographer who just so happens to also be a lawyer. She recently contacted me to help her with writing her blog pages so that they sounded less like a lawyer wrote them.

Another photographer friend is a bookkeeper who helped me with my taxes.

I know my limits. I knew I could get the basics of my paperwork done but I wanted to make sure that I did them right!

What about you? What part of your life do you know need help with? Or that maybe you aren’t the best at?

We go to the grocery store and buy meat and vegetables and fruits and breads that were created by other people. My clothes are bought at a store, not made from cotton I picked myself.

This doesn’t make me less of a woman. Less of a mom. Less of a person.

Why does asking for help or hiring someone else to do something for you can make you feel like less of a business owner? It should make you feel more successful because you need the help. You are succeeding and should take advantage of the need that has arisen.

Embrace it. Ask for the help you need from the professionals you can trust.

It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, your business and your life.

Throwback Thursday :: Believe In Your Worth



Instead of tossing up an old picture I took or a photo from my past (believe me, you do not want to see that frizzy hair!) I figured I would repost an old blog post. This is from 3 years ago, all about Believing in Your Worth.

Speak to any photographer anywhere in the world about one of the toughest items in their business prep and chances are, they will say pricing is near the top.  Pricing is a huge hot button issue and something that everyone has to decide on their own.  No one can tell you what to charge. There are tons of books and blog posts all over the web and world about how to price yourself.

It’s important to do your research.  Read up on everything you can.  Find out everything about the market you are in, the other photographers in your area, what type of clientele you are going for.  Once you have done all that, you need to do some soul searching.

Decide what your true value is.

Don’t be afraid to demand the price that your art and time is worth.

You are amazing. Incredible. Your work is beautiful. Don’t ever forget that!

If you want more inspiration, check out this article from Oh My Handmade! about underselling.  It may give you the push you need!

Let me know what you think in the comment section. What’s the hardest part you have with believing in your own worth? Do you find it easier to support other people’s worth instead of your own?

Tuesday Tip :: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed


Tuesday Tip :: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

The other day, my daughter started an evening classroom/play time/fun thing at the local church. She wanted to take a nap to make sure she had the energy and good time to have fun. It was so worth it. She woke up, bright and shiny and had a wonderful time.

It made me realize that this is something to take to my work. Every so often, it’s okay to take a nap. To take a break from your day to refresh yourself. Allowing yourself to breathe and settle into things can prep you more than stressing or worrying.

When you wake up and start to work again, you will be bright eyed and bushy tailed and so much happier! Not only will your mood be lifted, your productivity will be better too. Setting yourself up to be productive instead of just being busy.

If only we can take a step back from this mindset that we need to be busy. That if we aren’t “too busy to think”, we aren’t really being successful. You deserve to be so much more happier!

What do you do to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for your day?

Tuesday Tip :: Try Something Different


Try Something Different :: The Photog's Helper

As photographers, we get into habits. Some may even call them ruts. We try to discover our styles, spending time studying how we edit and how we shoot, comparing ourselves to other photographers and other artists. We work at figuring things out and setting them up and everything to get our business and our brand real.

Sometimes though, you have to try something different. Push your posing up a level. Toss in props or accessories you wouldn’t normally do. Try a strange lighting situation to see what it looks like.

Try Something Different :: The Photog's Helper

Maybe even put a texture or two over, just to try it. There isn’t anything wrong with experimenting.

Try Something Different :: The Photog's Helper

You don’t have to share these images with anyone (unless you are me and like to torture yourself) and you don’t ever have to do anything with them. If anything, pushing yourself to try something different will make everything you do in the future for your business that much better.

So do it. Try something different. And don’t forget to share it with us! Share it on your Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #trysomethingdifferent! I can’t wait to see!

Adding a Free Download


Every always says you need to build up your email list. Your newsletter setup can be important. But how do you get them? How can you get email addresses without begging or feeling like a terrible person?

Giving something in exchange for their email addresses in the way to do it!

Here are two videos for you. The first for Mad Mimi and the second video is showing you how to do it for Mail Chimp.

Creating a Free Download Link using Mad Mimi :: The Photog's Helper


Creating a Free Download Link using Mail Chimp :: The Photog's Helper

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