Throwback Thursday :: Believe In Your Worth



Instead of tossing up an old picture I took or a photo from my past (believe me, you do not want to see that frizzy hair!) I figured I would repost an old blog post. This is from 3 years ago, all about Believing in Your Worth.

Speak to any photographer anywhere in the world about one of the toughest items in their business prep and chances are, they will say pricing is near the top.  Pricing is a huge hot button issue and something that everyone has to decide on their own.  No one can tell you what to charge. There are tons of books and blog posts all over the web and world about how to price yourself.

It’s important to do your research.  Read up on everything you can.  Find out everything about the market you are in, the other photographers in your area, what type of clientele you are going for.  Once you have done all that, you need to do some soul searching.

Decide what your true value is.

Don’t be afraid to demand the price that your art and time is worth.

You are amazing. Incredible. Your work is beautiful. Don’t ever forget that!

If you want more inspiration, check out this article from Oh My Handmade! about underselling.  It may give you the push you need!

Let me know what you think in the comment section. What’s the hardest part you have with believing in your own worth? Do you find it easier to support other people’s worth instead of your own?

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