Tuesday Tip :: Darn To Do Lists



Everyone says you should have one. But I’ll be darned if they can’t be overwhelming. Some mornings, I wake up and just the thought of trying to MAKE a to do list for the day ends up feeling like it’s too much.

On those days, I have a secret trick.

Wanna know what it is?

Of COURSE you do!

Here is a little hint:

If you said that little notepad next to the ipad, you are 100% correct!

This notebook is amazing. It allows me to concentrate on no more than 2 tasks for the day and really think about things to concentrate on. This notepad is only $9.95 on Amazon but it seriously is one of the best things to keep my head on straight for days where I can barely even get dressed.

How do you handle a day that doesn’t allow you to feel productive when you know you have things to do?

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