A Monday Morning Reminder


                                                                                                                                                                       Source: justfindit4u.com via Kathy on Pinterest


Have you been adjusting your dreams? Making them work to fit the size of your life can be difficult. However, you should always have dreams that are big enough to hold your entire world. What use is having dreams that can be easily captured? True, it’s always good to have goals that you can work towards, but you should still have a list of dreams that you are working towards that may seem like they are out of reach.

For example: If one of your dreams is to be a fashion photographer, why not dream to be the go to photog for Vogue? Family photographer? Celebrities have families too. Or maybe it’s putting a best selling book together?

Dream for the biggest one you can. You may not get there, but it can’t hurt to be blossoming and trying to get there!

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