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Do you ever look at something and go, “Wow, that is amazing, I wish I could do that!” and start to realize how to fix it all together only to realize that maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea. That setting something up inspired by someone else’s idea would be cheating somehow.

Well, this amazing article from the archives of Reverie by the beautiful and incredible Angela Richardson of AMR Photography all about inspiration and how best to have an idea be done in your own style without completely copying their idea.

I believe strongly that even if two photographers stand in front of the same model, having them pose and with the exact same lighting situation, you will receive a completely different image. Even if you take those images and use the exact same actions in Photoshop and make the same edits, you will have different images.

However, there is no reason to directly copy someone’s idea. With all the ways you can tweak or alter an idea and setting there is no logical excuse except lazyness to pull someones direct idea.

So think outside of the box. Use your own personality and business to create something new and amazing that is from the inspiration you’ve seen.

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