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I met with a couple photographers last week. It ended up being sort of last minute, a Facebook message from a friend and client asking if I wanted to join them. I am so glad it worked with my schedule because I needed a night out!

We arrived at the restaurant and found our party and got down to the things that girls love to do: talking! We talked about everything from giving birth (3 of the four have kids, one is just a few months old) to of course photography. We eventually even decided to do a shootout at the beach and have a girls weekend, I’m so excited!

We were all starving too, so had to make sure to figure out what we wanted to eat quickly. I saw the salmon on the menu and immediately wanted that. It was cedar planked and drizzled in a divine sounding maple glaze and came with grilled pineapple spears and broccoli. Healthy and delicious sounding. When the guy brought it out, he placed it before me and wanted to make sure it wasn’t too cooked. He stood patiently while I tasted it. It was crusty at the top, but there was still a distinct flavor of char in the fish. It was sad and hurt a little bit, but he already offered. As such, I let him prepare another one for me. I nibbled on the grilled pineapple and steamed broccoli and devoured my own and another’s cornbread muffin.

Everyone was more than halfway done with their meals when my new salmon arrived. It smelled divine (even though it may be the hunger talking…) and I went to start eating it. Two bites in and I was questioning what I was eating. Turns out, they went to the other extreme and it was almost raw in the middle. Beef, that’s fine. But salmon? Not so much. I got the attention of the gentleman who had been taking care of us and he looked heartbroken. He felt awful, you could tell. We were already going to be getting a free dessert, but he asked me what different thing on the menu I would like to eat. Unlike most every other time I visit a restaurant, I hadn’t even looked more at the menu because I saw the salmon and immediately wanted that. So I asked for a hamburger in a to go box, since by this time almost everyone else was finished.

We shared a divine warm chocolate brownie  with ice cream and whipped cream and walnuts for dessert.

Delicious dessert.

The biggest thing I learned from this though was how to handle yourself when the world falls in on you. Turns out, they were working on training some new cooks in the kitchen and the salmon was a new recipe too. The gentleman that helped us was in fact the head chef and wanted to make sure everything was working as it was suppose to. My meal was comped and of course the dessert was free. My husband greatly enjoyed the burger the next day and I will not be talking badly about this restaurant. The care that they put into making sure I was happy was immense. It was an unfortunate mistake, but I definitely will want to go back to eat.

I just will not be ordering the salmon.


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