Tuesday Tip :: Not Always About the Money


Even though we are business owners, it’s really not always about the money. Sometimes we just have to do things because we want to.

I had the honor to shoot the Oregon Humane Society fundraiser Walk/Run event. It’s a 1.5 event that is called the Doggie Dash. I like to be able to volunteer when I can, providing my services when it’s appropriate. Being able to spend the morning with several hundred dogs of all ages and breeds? Yes please!

I knew I wouldn’t be a money maker. I didn’t put my logo on any of the images, I’m not linked on the page with the images and I’m not receiving any funds.

Being able to help the Oregon Humane Society raise almost a million dollars? That was pretty amazing.

What have you done lately with your gift?

There are so many ways to help out others and in turn, help out yourself.

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1 Comment on Tuesday Tip :: Not Always About the Money

  1. Danyel Rogers
    May 29, 2012 at 9:28 am (6 years ago)

    I think it’s a wonderful thing to just give back and enjoy what you love without thinking about business. I’ve recently partnered with a nonprofit called Sisters 4 Survivors


    They help support women going through breast cancer. Recovery, support, nutrition, and so much more.

    I donate my time to do model for day shoots. Some women are still fighting the fight and some women are just starting. The goal is to make them feel beautiful. AND BOY ARE THEY!

    It’s a great thing to give back. One day you may need it.


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