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I consult with photographers all the time who are not charging what they are worth. I’m not saying you need to charge $500 for a 5×7 but if you are charging for your work, you need to at least be charging enough to be making a profit. If you are not charging enough to make a profit, you should just do it for fun. Which, there is nothing wrong with that! But if you are going to be in business, you need to be in business. That includes paying taxes, having contracts and charging as a business would.

Elizabeth Halford’s photography blog is full of amazing tips and real ideas. This post from 2010 has just started making the rounds again and is seriously amazing. If you missed it the first time, you need to read it now.

This post also has a perfect letter on how to respond to requests for discounts/deals while still being nice and standing strong. Your prices are there for a reason (or at least they should be….) and sometimes, all you need it to help your clients understand. It also comes down to setting appropriate expectations.

How do you help set expectations for your clients? Share in the comments and let’s help us all learn.


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