Tuesday Tip :: Honesty


I have been both blessed and cursed by having a glass face. It has hurt me, because I cannot lie without anyone knowing what I’m really thinking. But in that same vein, it’s shaped who I am as a person.

                                                      Source: oriontrail.deviantart.com via Kathy on Pinterest


Just like George Washington’s classic quote about the cherry tree, I cannot tell a lie. Well, I can, but it’s all on my face that I’m lying. Instead, I’m polite and kind, but will be completely honest about anything. Since I cannot lie, I’ve learned to just go with it. It’s helped me with all areas of my life, including my business. Because of the fact that everyone can see what I’m thinking, I have to fully believe in my products, my choices and my prices.

It’s given me motivation to work on my honesty. I know that I need to be completely honest and know what my reasons for things are. It helps me sell my products and my services because I whole-heartedly believe in everything that I do. If I don’t believe in it, I don’t do it. That’s helped me structure my business as well.

So make sure you have complete honesty in yourself and everything you do. Don’t lie to your clients or yourself. You will do everyone a disservice, yourself most of all.

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