This past week, I had the honor of attending WPPI. I spent 5 days with several thousand photographers and photography fans. It was so amazing and inspiring and, just like last year, allowed me to walk away with so many ideas. Ideas for myself. Ideas for others. Ideas for all!

There was one thing in particular that seemed to be a subtle kick in the pants for me. I worked the tradeshow most of the time I was there, but was able to attend a handful of amazing classes. I am in love even more with Elizabeth Messina (her inspiring blog) and Sue Bryce, two incredible ladies that have revolutionized the art of photographing women. Then there was the amazing Melanie Nashan. I hadn’t heard of her before WPPI, but have walked away completely in awe of her business ethic and her work! Based out of Montana, she has a breathtaking photojournalist style that is just mind-blowing. The last class of my week was with Sondra and Jerry of Buzzworthy Success – one of the cutest couples teamed up. They work on marketing and business, how to develop your business in a way to be profitable and not lose your awesomeness.

Something that every single one of these classes touched on at least a little bit was the thought of Personal Projects. Creating something for yourself in order to keep the magic in the art form. It’s so important to keep your art alive especially when you are making your business this art form.

The last class especially with Sondra and Jerry was incredible. They talked about how to make money from your personal projects as well!  I cannot wait to get my idea into fruition….it’s going to be amazing. You should check out all of the amazing speakers I saw this year at WPPI and get inspired yourself. And if you want to learn how to make money on a personal project, check out Sondra and Jerry….truly, you will not regret it! I cannot wait to put into effect the Personal Project I have in my mind….it’s going to be amazing and I hope to share it with you all!

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