Holy Cow, it’s Thursday Already?


Where did the week go? I feel like a heartbeat ago it was Sunday but now the week is almost over. In a week, I will hopefully be done packing and getting ready to head out to WPPI in Vegas. There are a few clothing items I need to go out and pick up (thanks to the reminder of clothing choices over at AMR Photography, where Angela, Spanki and Heather¬†are talking about getting ready for a convention)….I’m thinking I need some more flats and sweaters. I’ll be working the Trade Show for Fundy Software most of the day, so I want to make sure I have the comfortable shoes and sweaters to go over my ROCKING Awesome Sauce t-shirt.

Here’s what the shirt will look like and an explanation of how to fold a t-shirt in two seconds:

Are you going to WPPI? If so, stop by Fundy’s booth and say hi to me! I’d love to meet you in person and chat about anything!

You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook and find out where I’m at when the tradeshow is closed.

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