Tuesday Tip :: Checking Your List


It’s December which means everyone is in an onslaught of the final rush before the end of the year. Christmas cards, gifts for family, thank you notes and presents for your clients…everything and everyone is in a hurry.

Now is when you find things that you could do better. Things that you wish you had done before you got crazy. Like, prepping packaging into packets so you can grab a pack and have everything ready to wrap and prepare your prints. Or keeping better track of your clients so no one gets lost.

This is the time to write those things down. Have a master list somewhere that you know where it is at all times: use a white board, iCloud, Evernote….whatever works for you. Because the truth of the matter is, right around the corner of the crazy busy time is the winter lull. Instead of moaning and groaning about not having work in February, how about you best use that time to rock your business? With the list that you are creating now, you will have your task list for when you do have time to get things in order.

In the end, your busy time will be able to help you through the slow time by allowing you to keep yourself sane and your business on the right track.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions or want some help! I’m here to make your life easier and help you out! Email me, comment here or set up a quick chat on the phone. You won’t regret the time you put into your business!

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