Tuesday Tip :: Expand


I love sushi rolls. It too me a while to figure it out, especially since I just recently in the last couple of years started eating fish. I would hang out with friends who would want to do sushi an I would go along…usually ordering chicken.

Then I discovered avocado rolls. No fish. Just little pieces of avocado heaven! Now, I’m hooked on rice and nori rolls. Anything wrapped in those rolls make me feel full.

I had sushi with friends the other day (Happy Hour!) and I was surprised at how the sushi made me feel. Every time I eat sushi, I enjoy the taste and textures and then it settles in my tummy. Eating it slowly, I give it time to grow and expand and it fills me.

This is something that could be implemented in your company.

You want to have more than just an initial meal for your clients. Keep in touch with them. Let your presence expand into their heart and their soul and their personality and you will allow them to become more than just a client. You can become a member of their extended family: expanding into more than just the person who takes their pictures. Your value will grow and expand and be unlike anything else they will know.

Be that sushi for them!

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