Tuesday Tip :: What’s Your Plan?


Quick! What are you doing tomorrow?

Chances are, you probably know what’s on your schedule tomorrow. Maybe you have a session schedule. Or a premier. Or maybe a date with images to edit.

But what about next month? Do you have a plan in place for the Holiday season? What about your marketing plan for next year’s Spring? Where do you want to be in three years?

The past year of my personal life has shown that there is so much that cannot be planned for. You never know what may happen. And yet you have to still have a goal. You have to lay the track down and have a goal for the destination, regardless of how many things may go wrong.

Don’t forget that there is a difference between a plan and goals as well! Just like there is a difference between need and want. Your goals are what you WANT to get done. What you will be striving for and desire to complete. A plan, on the other hand, are things that NEED to get done. Taxes. Pricing. Organization. The foundation for your company for the long term.

Your homework for today is as follows:

Write down you need to accomplish this month. 6 months from now. 1 year from now. 5 years from now.

When are you planning on raising your prices? Completing your branding? Setting up your Facebook fan page? Write it down and make it prominent. Right by your goals. Better yet, leave it in a comment on the blog. I’ll help hold you accountable!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you write it down!

Good luck!

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