Tuesday Tip :: You Are What You Brand


When you first started out, did you think to yourself “I want to be my brand, so let’s pick things that fit my personality?”

There is a chance you may have, and if so, give yourself a huge pat on the back! But if not, that’s okay too! You may have picked colors and patterns and an “atmosphere” for your brand because it looked nice, or because you wanted to be attractive to a particular market.

If so, in order to then continue to achieve that brand, you may have had to mold yourself into someone different. Your work persona and personal persona are completely different people. This can cause the pressure and work load for you to be ten fold! Why work on something so hard when you don’t have to?

This does NOT mean you have to talk and treat your customers as if they were your best friend. You do not need to invite them out for beers and tell them stories about your family. If that’s the type of personality you are, wonderful! But if you’d prefer to remain at a business class level with your clients, being friendly but professional, you probably don’t want to have a brand that seems like you will be handing out bouncy pigtails and huge bear hugs with every purchase.

Brands are so much more than a logo and a color scheme. They emit emotion and help guide the type of clients to the right photographer. So think carefully about what you want your brand to portray and how it may be different from who you want to be as a business owner.

Who knows, you may discover that what you thought was what you wanted to be your brand is completely opposite of who you really are. Take the extra thought out of it and Be Your Brand!

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