Tuesday Tip :: Do It Your Way


Something I feel really deeply about is knowing who you are as a person and allowing it to shine in everything you do. You are the part that makes it special. So, utilize that. Build it up. Make what you do a part of who you are.

This can be making sure that your branding reflects who you are, so that by being yourself you are staying true to your company. Only offering products that you want to offer. If you don’t want to sell digital files, that’s perfectly fine! You may find that you love being able to present canvases to your clients. So, have that be the big part of your selling.

There is no contract you signed when you decided to be a photographer that says you have to do it this way.

Todd over at A Man To Fish (which, if you aren’t reading it already, you should be…) just did a great post about this. He has a wonderful exercise that you should take a look at and try. Especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and unhappy with your current business situation.  This can be the boost of adrenaline you may need to get back on a track you are wanting!

So take a look at what you are currently doing and make sure that every part of it is how YOU want it. Yes, there will be some things you will still have to do that you don’t like to (still have to pay bills and taxes, etc.) but you can tweak most other things to be how you want to do them.

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