Tuesday Tip :: When Disaster Strikes


So, it’s still Tuesday here, even though it’s almost not for you East Coasters….but that’s okay.

My tip is for dealing when disaster strikes.  Because it does.  Whether it’s a Tsunami or Earthquake, family member health emergency or one of many other things, disaster will come at one point or another.

You should have backups of things off site, in case of fire, flood, famine, act of God.  The important stuff.  I love using Google Docs (I know, you are shocked!) to keep track of things that aren’t too personal (i.e. no bank account information or social security numbers or anything…) but I have used the docs to keep track of things like my husband’s disability tracking information and time trackers and the like.

Keep copies of important documents in a safe deposit box.  Important information in multiple safe areas.

I love having a smart phone (I have the Motorola Droid X and LOOOOVE it even more than the iPhone I had before….) and it is my lifeline.  Being able to chat and access my email is a life saver.  Especially when a webinar is going on that you helped plan and people haven’t gotten invites and you are trying to organize things while at the hospital where your dad is at the ER.

That was just randomly pulled from no where.  *cough*

Seriously though, think about what your backup plans are for when disaster strikes.  Are you covered?  Do you have insurance – renters/homeowners, business, health?  Do you know what you would do if you were to have a natural disaster?  No one likes to think about it….but it’s important.  Prepare for the worst but hope for the best!

Until next time!

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