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It has been my goal from the very beginning to be a source of support and mentoring to photographers that are feeling lost.
I provide a 15 minute consultation for free to anyone that requests it. If after this time, you have sufficient help to continue on your own, I’ll be happy. However, most of the time it becomes a entry into success. My goal is to eventually allow everyone to move past needing me!

I can help you with anything from figuring out your style, discovering your brand, narrowing down a target market and even a variety of technology help: websites, emails, etc! In addition, I can put you in touch with a variety of amazing companies that can help you do anything you might need that I can’t provide.
Some of the help I can provide:

  • WordPress and Website Support: for websites, blogs or a combination of the both of them.
  • Newsletter Magic: MailChimp and Mad Mimi setup, support and customization
  • Template Customization: PSD customization and creation, Issuu creation, cards or anything else under the sun
  • Idea Support: projects, planning and thoughts
  • Photo Support: session culling, helping define your style and training how to streamline your editing workflow
  • Client Management: help to using your client management system to it’s fullest abilities.
  • Email & Social Media Support: organization, workflow, and anything else you can imagine
  • Training: want access to some of my knowledge? Set up a one-on-one training session to learn whatever you
    need, including SEO, Photoshop and WordPress.

Did your eyes glaze over reading that? Because that means you need my help, big-time. 

Contact me to sign for a free consultation!


Contact me for your free consultation while we discover what I can best provide for you to reach success!
Check out my Magazine for pricing and more details about the above options!