Rave Reviews

“Through it all, not only did she start the site for me, she taught me how to do it along the way. Any question I had…and still have, she is there. No matter what time of the day, or how simple it may seem, she helped. She was the calm voice and the constant cheerleader…. and she made me believe that I could do it. And I did. I would recommend Kathy to anyone. Its hard to trust someone online….to trust that they will get your style, your needs, to trust them with all of your business information… but my fears were immediately put to ease. She listens and asks questions….she is professional and kind. She is a genuine heart in this world. I am the blessed one to have found her. ” ~ Becky Gregory of Intuition Backgrounds

“As a photographer, I’ve always been very self conscience about my lack of Photoshop knowledge. When Kathy offered her tutorials on basic Photoshop I jumped at the chance! Within the first 5 minutes I learned a simple task I’d been attempting to grasp for nearly a year! Her classes are straight-forward, and so incredibly easy to understand. Kathy takes the fear out of Photoshop and offers her students an opportunity to really flourish. I was so impressed with how Kathy used language I could comprehend and how she really walked me through each step in Photoshop. It’s so refreshing to have a teacher who really just wants to help me grow! I can’t wait for more classes so I can keep going!” ~ Chana Wood of Sugar Wood

“Kathy has been game changing for my business. I was scared to death before our first phone consultation. (What if I’m not good enough? What if I can’t afford her? What if I’m beyond help?) Kathy quickly put all my fears at ease. She’s willing to dig deep and find your strengths, and help you strengthen your weaknesses. She’s willing to be honest, and that’s the most important thing. Her feedback and help gave me confidence, and direction. Without Kathy’s help I would have remained overwhelmed and thrown in the towel before I even got started. She’s more than a helper, she’s a friend.” ~ Bri Woods-Chaney of Bri Woods-Chaney Photography

Kathy has always been so professional to work with. She returns my projects to me very quickly and is always willing to work with me to get things just right!  Having her help me has freed up my time and made me very happy.” ~ Shellie Secretan of All Things Baby and This N That Photography

Kathy understands my audience and has the ambition and marketing savvy to communicate with them on my behalf. The moment I hired Kathy I felt like I could relax and focus on growing my business instead of managing tasks like email and blog posting.” ~ Zach Prez, Photography Marketing Ideas Blogger