Photoshop Basics for Photographers


Let me guess. If every unedited photo sitting on your computer was worth a dollar, you’d be a few hundred (or thousand) richer.

(Oh no!)

You so wish there was some kind of magical pill that would make editing a total breeze—that the digital stacks of photo files sitting in your computer would suddenly feel manageable.

You wish you felt empowered, efficient, and enthused about editing.

Instead, you feel overwhelmed and intimidated.  You know it’s time to turn those un-edited beauties into polished, post-production pictures…but you absolutely cringe at the thought of learning Photoshop.

This stall in your development has maybe left you feeling frustrated and worried that you’ll never catch up with your editing, or worse—that you won’t fully take your photography seriously unless you can finally get it together and learn the darn thing.

You also know that what you’ve tried hasn’t been working. You, fantastic DIYer that you are, have probably already had a go at this. Maybe you dove into Photoshop and gave up after it made your head spin (because let’s face it: Photoshop can be complicated!). Or, maybe you tried Youtubing every how-to under the sun…and all you produced was a headache.

Or maybe you bought Photoshop and your fear and resistance have prevented you from opening up the program, period.

The most disheartening part? You just know if you had the ability to edit with confidence, you’d finally find yourself turning work over to your clients faster—or maybe just consider taking on clients in the first place—because you’d finally be able to the master the entire photographic process.

I know how this feels because I’ve been there. Even though it’s been a decade since I first started out, I remember the learning curve I had to face when I first began editing photos (back when Photoshop was Version 7, if you can believe it!)

There’s more to this story though. I’ve been working closely with photographers for years: coaching them, assisting them, helping them in a myriad of ways to make their businesses more effective, marketable, and thriving.

I’ve seen the kinds of roadblocks that photographers hit, time and time again. These roadblocks stunt growth and waste precious time. One of the biggest obstacles? Not being able to navigate Photoshop—or being too scared to try.

This particular difficulty is one of the worst—because it can postpone photographer’s projects, reduce their enthusiasm for their craft, and extend the editing process into a unending, laborious procedure that takes all the fun out of photography (not to mention eat away at free time! Yuck!).

That’s why I created Photoshop Basics for Photographers: A Colorful Foundation

It’s meant to help photographers like you who joyfully spend hours behind the lens, but need a little help behind the computer screen.

I’ve taken my years of experience with photog professionals and have created the most supportive and comprehensive intro to Photoshop on the market today.


  • A thorough look at each individual menu and toolbar

  • All the options in each individual tool in the toolbar

  • How to adjust and make changes

  • How to best utilize the workplace adjustments, including the actions field

  • How to install and use actions and brushes

  • How to add photos to templates available online

The format for Photoshop Basics for Photographers: A Colorful Foundation is delivered in short, easy to digest videos that will teach you everything you need to know on how to create stunning, memorable photos. The program comes with a worksheet to track your progress and help you digest the knowledge presented.

One of the best parts of this program? It comes with up to 5 email exchanges with me!

You didn’t think I was going to leave you totally alone with this, did you?

No question is too simple or basic—and I promise you’ll feel supported when you reach out. I’ve created this product with over a decade of experience behind me—including being a professional photographer myself and helping numerous other clients with their photography businesses. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that everyone I’ve worked with is braver, stronger, and smarter than they ever believe they are. And I know you are, too.


  • You’re uncomfortable with the basics of Photoshop

  • You’re too afraid to even try Photoshop without guidance

  • You’re willing to put in the work to get better at Photoshop

  • You have Photoshop (I’ll bet you’ve got that one covered already!)


  • You easily navigate around most components of Photoshop

  • You are unable to learn from videos or dislike them as a learning tool

  • You’re unwilling to put in a little elbow grease to get your desired results (and c’mon, we both know that’s probably not you!)

But there’s something else I’d like to give you, too.

You see, professionally, nothing brings me more joy than helping artists and photographers get better at what they do. I really believe in this product, and I really believe in you. That’s why I’ve decided that if you jump in this week and give it a go—really and truly give Photoshop a chance—I’ll give you a free, 1 hour Skype call within a month of your purchase of the course.

That’s a $200 value. For free.


A few reasons. First, because the fact is that Photoshop can be challenging. But the other fact is that it’s the darkroom of the millennium. You simply can’t take digital photos professionally without eventually needing to use it. It’s a vital tool that sets photographers apart and helps them grow as visual artists.

It’s because of these reasons—that’s it’s a complex tool that’s also incredibly necessary—that I want to offer you extra support in your first month of purchase. Because I know that it’s going to help you through the process, and I’m invested in your success.

Let’s review, shall we?


  • Over 50 helpful, step by step guidance videos on how to do the vital and foundational tasks in Photoshop, all crafted specifically for photographers.

  • A custom worksheet to help guide you in your progress and keep you on track

  • 5 email exchanges with yours truly to help out with any issues or difficulties that arise during your learning period. Remember: no question is too basic or silly and you’ll always be met with kindness, care, and compassion.

And if you purchase the program by December 22, you’ll receive a 1-hour session with moi.

You get all of this for $99.


“As a photographer, I’ve always been very self conscience about my lack of Photoshop knowledge. When Kathy offered her tutorials on basic Photoshop I jumped at the chance! Within the first 5 minutes I learned a simple task I’d been attempting to grasp for nearly a year! Her classes are straight-forward, and so incredibly easy to understand. Kathy takes the fear out of Photoshop and offers her students an opportunity to really flourish. I was so impressed with how Kathy used language I could comprehend and how she really walked me through each step in Photoshop. It’s so refreshing to have a teacher who really just wants to help me grow! I can’t wait for more classes so I can keep going!”

Chana Wood

So, are you ready to finally get those photos pitch-perfect?


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