One Simple Tip to Get Control of Your Business (and Life!)


Okay, you know those posts that are all over the place telling you they have One Simple Tip that will make you productive and it’s always something you have to buy from them and it’s got like 25 steps to prep and then will take 2 hours and MAYBE it will work, but probably it won’t because you don’t work exactly like them, or you aren’t in the same business as they are?

One Simple Tip ::

Yeah, this is not that type of a tip.

I’m not selling you anything and you can do this with things you have in your house. You probably have the items within reach of you right now.

Are you ready?

It’s called a Brain Dump and it’s super easy.

Step 1: Grab a writing utensil (pen, pencil, crayon – doesn’t matter. You can use your phone or computer, but the tactile process of hand writing has been shown to work better.)

Step 2: Grab something to write on (fancy planner, notebook, post-it notes….anything)

Step 3: Write. Spill out EVERYTHING that is in your mind. Work things. Home things. Random thoughts about your crush in 2nd Grade. Everything.

Step 4: Organize that list. This can be anything from highlighting in color coded pens to put things on separate lists or simple crossing off things as you get them done. It’s up to you.

Step 5: Be Productive!

Alas, the list will not get done itself. But if you’ve written down everything that is in your head, it doesn’t need to sit in your head anymore and you can actually think about what does need to get done!

I do it every morning while listening to music and burning a candle, while drinking my coffee. It is a great way to recharge after a good nights sleep. It lets me transition from the craziness of making sure everyone gets out the door on time and prepared, and into #bosslady mode.

Have you tried Brain Dumping? Does it work for you? How do you dump?

Share in the comments or on our Facebook page how you manage your list of things to get done!

Transformation Thursday :: Three Little Ones on a Step


There is something super magic about a good Before and After! Anytime you play with 3 young kids, it’s a miracle to get them all looking at you.


The first image with the two youngest was a moment of peace and waiting. I snapped this image and was like “wouldn’t it be great if I could make this a photo of all three?”. Of course, as soon as that thought came, the youngest little princess ran off to play with leaves. Because that’s what 2 year olds do.

But I know my way around Photoshop. Before I became a photographer, I was in college for multimedia design. I’ve been using Photoshop since Photoshop 7 and so knew I could work some magic.

So I asked the eldest boy to go sit on the edge of the steps.


I wasn’t too worried about lining it up perfectly. I didn’t have my tripod with me but that’s okay, I didn’t need it. There were enough markers that weren’t going to move (door and steps) that I knew I could line it up properly. You can see where the youngest is playing on the left side of this image too. Busy busy little girl!

When I got home, I loaded up the images to edit and worked my way through. When I came to the one with the two kids, I placed the one with the single boy on a separate layer. I lowered the opacity until I could tweak and alter them to line up perfectly. Sometimes, I will change the Layer style to Difference, but there were too many differences between the two layers so it would affect the ease of use to line them up.

Then, using a mask, I masked out everything but the older boy and flattened the image. Then began the fun times of patching, cloning and spot healing. Because of the texture on the wall, I knew I wanted to overly a texture on top as well.

I think it turned out pretty awesome. Not only is my client going to be printing it large on her wall, I’m pretty sure I’ll also be printing it on a canvas for a sample.Brewer2015_133

I love creating a piece of art. Above and beyond creating beautiful photographs, creating artwork itself is something that can add additional value to your work.

Don’t have the skills to create something like this yourself? Let us help you! With reasonable rates for something like this or even head swapping, we can help you create breathtaking artwork for your clients!


Tuesday Tip :: Start Sloppy



I’ve had the honor to do two great workshops for education and implementation this year, Brand Camp with Kristen Kalp and BonjOrganization with Kelli France. Both have had different goals and different plans and completely different tasks to succeed. Both have helped me move mountains and make significant changes to my business, goals and the future.

Something that they both talked about though, is Starting Sloppy.

I don’t know about you, but I have all of these ideas spinning through my head. I’m an artist, and a mom and an entrepreneur – my brain never stops. After I brain dump though and get it all out on paper, it becomes less useful. At least, until I actually do something with that information and ideas.

So I just start. Starting sloppy means the stress of the unknown, the overwhelm that occurs with a blank canvas, is gone. That roadblock of nothingness isn’t there, which makes the next steps so much easier to take!

So I ask you, my lovelies: what has been on your to do list for so long it might as well be tattooed on your skin that needs to get done? Why not start sloppy so that you can get past the unknown and make every other step so much easier?

I’m going to be doing my new free PDF download for you guys….I’m so excited and have had notes on it but haven’t started yet because I’m scared. That is so going to change!

Linky Love :: Building an Engaged Audience



Someone amazing that I’ve loved following along is Nubby Twiglet. She’s an amazing writer and person and is always full of incredible information.

It really hit me, especially as I go into this new year not quite where I’ve wanted to be. Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, I’m finally getting back on track. My schedule has settled down and I’m waking up at 7 again like I’ve been meaning to. I haven’t quite managed to do my workouts daily again but I have been getting dressed and not just staying in pajamas.

One step at a time and one of those goals has been to finally get in the right groove for business. I want to talk to you all more often. I have these things constantly rolling around in my head and it’s time to get them out.

I’m hoping that I can manage to get you guys more engaged. I want to talk about what you want to discuss. Put out there topics that may be uncomfortable or that always seem to be hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

So here is to 2014. Joy and honesty and exploration.

What is one of your goals for 2014?

Linky Love :: 24 Ways to De-stress


You and I both know that this time of year is busiest for Portrait photographers. Everyone seems to remember about family pictures right around Christmas time. While this is good for the bank accounts (especially right before the slow season in January and February) sometimes it’s difficult to accept and truly acknowledge it.

So here is a post I found on how to relieve some of your stress!

Fit Sugar Destress

Number Eight was my favorite: Turn up the tunes: Research has shown that lying down and listening to music is as effective as massage.

Now excuse me, while I go rock out to a little classic 90’s rock!

And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to get even more tips and tricks on how to survive the Holiday Season!

Successful People


If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was honored enough to be a part of a CreativeLive class in the audience.

It was taught by the amazing Laura Vanderkam and was all about how to be successful before breakfast and after. If you haven’t experienced her, you need to go right now!

The Most Successful

I learned so much and am still trying to process it all.

I’ve been surrounding myself with inspirational things to keep me going. The most recent discovery was on Pinterest (of course) that was linked to a site called Daily Quotes.


So…which of these 12 things are you going to start doing?


Sunday Inspiration :: It Takes Courage


As much as I love Pinterest, sometimes I hate not being able to find an original source.

It Takes Courage

This links to a design site: Lauren Ledbetter but I was unable to find this particular image on her site. That being said, it’s beautiful and fitting.

Growing up, I wanted to be an animator for Disney. I was an art major in college until I learned that I had been told to take the wrong classes and it would be another 4 years before I would graduate. In order to NOT have to deal with that, I switched my major to Sociology, took an internship at Walt Disney World with a few online classes and then came back and graduated a year later.

It was the best decision at the time and even now, I’m glad I did it. But the artistic bone in my body has always been there. I love art and find the beauty everywhere around me. I am so glad that now I get to see it all the time and still make money for my family.

Find the courage in your life. It may not be the vision you had of your life when you were a child or even a year ago and that’s okay. Own it and be bold enough to realize that you are you and should stay that way!


Tuesday Tip :: WordPress Pressing You?



I’ve worked with a lot of people lately that are having problems with WordPress. Between trying to navigate your hosting company to discovering what a hosting company is or where your domain is housed, it can be overwhelming to get the information yourself or try to understand something that may look like it’s written in Klingon.

I’ve had something on my mind that I’ve been working through for the past few months and now, I’m ready for your help! I’m going to prep some things for you in the future but know that I need support and influence from you guys!

If you could fill out the below questionnaire that would be awesome! It’s only a couple questions and shouldn’t take very long at all!


(Just click the image above and you’ll be taken to the page!)

Memorial Day 2013


mothers day 2013 :: the photog's helper

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently. There have been some intense revolutions in my life and the life of my family and I’ve been experiencing some truly debilitating self doubt. It’s especially hard when there are things that seem to never to go quite like you are hoping it to be.

We are still able to enjoy life and love around my family. So far, everyone is still alive and nothing has been ruined beyond salvage however I’ve been having issues with my own mind. I cannot seem to get out of my own brain.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. With the amount of military members in my family, it’s a surprise that we haven’t lost anyone but still have been touched by the wars and the reason we celebrate this holiday.

To everyone that has experienced a loss like this, my heart is with you. Thank you for everything done in order to allow us to make mistakes.ds

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