Tuesday Tip :: Branding Magic


Have any of you played that Logo Identification game out there? There are a variety of types with the basic premise being the ability to recognize a company without the name. Who doesn’t immediately know what the big red circle within a circle is (Target, anyone)? The Nike swoosh, the Apple apple. All of these icons and font styles immediately bring to mind the company they identify and the products or services they provide. The G of Gucci and the C’s of Coach just scream luxury while the yellow smiley face of Wal*Mart let you know you are in for a discount.

What does your logo say about you? More importantly, does your logo work with your brand?

It’s so important to make sure that everything your brand touches, whether it be your business card, your website, your packaging, your emails, even how you answer the phone all are incorporated together.

The easiest way to create a cohesive brand is to work with a branding specialist. Someone who knows what they are doing, can work with you to narrow down exactly what you want to portray and make sure everything is exactly what it needs to look like.

One of my favorite branding gurus is Kristina Kathrynn Photography and Design. She works strictly with photographers, since she is one as well, she knows what she is doing! Her designs are unique to each customer so you will get something fresh and specific just to you, as opposed to a tweak of a current design. Not only are her designs gorgeous, but she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! I had the pleasure of meeting up with her in Vegas at WPPI this past year and, after learning she was in my area (Pacific Northwest represent!) we have gotten together a couple times.

When she asked me if I would want to help with a contest she was putting on, what else could I do but scream YES!?!

So, go here and check out the rules and instructions. It’s a giveaway unlike any other you’ve seen. You have an opportunity to get a complete branding makeover just by using Pinterest (who doesn’t love Pinning for a Purpose?) and creating a board with a branding inspiration. Best of all, even if you don’t win, you’ll have created a board full of inspiration and ideas to help you streamline your brand.

Amazing Giveaway :: On The Spot Studio AND Special Offer!


I love giving things away. I could give away the shirt on my back if I could. Instead, I’m giving away some motivation!

Well, it’s more of in the form of me helping motivate you. We’ll start with a two hour conversation on the phone and just talk things through. We can figure out where you are at currently, where you want to go, where you feel like you are stuck and how you want to get around it.

From that point, we’ll also have monthly follow ups. I’ll be checking in with the winner once a month to find out what they have gotten done, go over their to do list and make sure they are on track. By the end of the year, if the do the work, I can guarantee you will be more successful than you were when you started out!

This is a package I offer that is normally $1200. It’s only for someone that is willing to put in the work. They have to WANT to get better.

Someone that did want to get better was the amazing photographer Bri Woods-Chaney. She was struggling with confidence and how to balance her entire world.

She is now someone I would call a dear friend. I cheer for her successes (she is now almost always booked and has special projects, she was even flown to Vegas to shoot a special convention!) and cry during her hard times, professional or personal.

I want to believe in you. Let me help believe in you!

And because I want so badly to help, I’m going to be having a sale on my package that includes the prize I’m giving to On The Spot Studio!

You will be able to sign up for my year long motivation and inspirational check-in where we can talk about anything you like for 50% off! Normally $1200, you can have this once in a life time opportunity to change your business for $600. I offer payment plans, but think of this as one of the best business tools you will purchase this year. A full years worth of help and support from someone that understands and is here just to make you rock it.

Interested? Email me and we can set up a date!  As will all of my opportunities, I offer a free initial consultation to make sure we mesh! I want you to be happy and successful!

Tuesday Tip :: Custom Email Address


Custom Email Address :: The Photog's Helper

So, I’ve been working and talking with a lot of photographers. And something that makes me cringe just a little is when I see that their email address is something like or or even

There is no reason for this! You can have a personalized email address and most likely, it won’t cost you a dime!

To begin with, let’s start with what you need.

1) Your Domain Name
2) Access to Your Hosting Company

That’s it! Of course, this can be more difficult for some and that’s okay. If you don’t have a domain name or hosting for your website (i.e. your blog is at or blogspot) then this can be motivation to get you going! The couple bucks a month will immediately lend you prestige and boost your professionalism which can help you book clients.

It’s super simple, only a few steps!

Now, I use Tiger Tech as my hosting. It’s a small company and they have amazing support and servers, but you can use whomever you want! Host Gator and Go Daddy are two big names, between the two I prefer Host Gator, but again, it is completely up to you. My steps are going to be using Tiger Tech, but I’m including links on how to do this for Host Gator and Go Daddy as well! For Blu Domain, click on this link and scroll down to “How do I set up my E-Mail addresses? “


I log in and there is the option right at the beginning. Talk about super easy!
Then are the options for what you want to do with emails! Set up a new one.
And then we get to choose the fun things! What do you want your email address to be and what do you want the password to be?

Bam! You now have an email address! The next step is to add it to wherever you want to read those emails. There are steps on how to check it on your smart phone, desktop, even have it read through your Gmail account.

So now you don’t have an excuse! But if you are still nervous or are confused even now, contact me! Email me and I can help you out. Heck, the first ten people that ask via email or comment, I’ll even do it for them for free! I want you to be successful, and having a real email address is a great way to start.

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.


I never thought I would say this…..but Vanilla Ice was on to something.

The first line he sings is “Stop, Collaborate and Listen” and there is really a lot of truth there.

As I talked about on Tuesday, you have got to surround yourself with people that support and believe in you and that you believe in, in turn.

Every project you do and create is a collaboration with others. Whether it’s the subject in the photos, the lab you print with, the photographers you network with….it’s all a massive collaboration. In these groups that you are a part of, it’s okay to not be the smartest. To not have all the answers. To ask for help. Because they are there to contribute with you as well.

Take this quote to heart.

And in order to make sure that you are able to do so, I’ve made a poster. Print it out, copy it onto your desktop or just write it down.


I hope it inspires you as it has me. Let me know how you feel about collaboration! I love to hear how people work together…it makes the world such a happier place!

The Winner!!


And the winner is…..



Congratulations Maike! I’m going to give Turtle Taylor your email so that you can get in touch with her and customize your strap. I would love to see the final version!

And for the rest of you….here is a code for 15% off your own camera strap!

The Breathless Moment



As photographers, we are paid to touch people’s lives in a very special way. We are there to capture these moments as they enjoy their engagement, pregnancy, family, event….anything they want to share with us.

Our goal should be to allow their personalities to shine. That breathless moment when you click the shutter and know you have nailed the shot. The one that you can’t wait to get home to edit so you can share with your subject.

Don’t forget to wait for that breathless moment. You should have one in every session.

Also! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a free customized camera strap! The contest ends this Friday!

Giveaway :: Camera Strap from Turtle Taylor



I spent a long time trying to find the right camera strap. I knew I wanted to get a camera strap that was special and all mine, but I didn’t want it to be just a cover. I had a camera strap cover and was annoyed how they moved on the strap. So I searched. It took me longer than I had hoped to find the perfect store on Etsy. But I am so glad that I have found Turtle Taylor’s shop! In the past year, I’ve purchased four camera straps from her, and love every one!

It’s now the chance for you to experience the amazingness that is one of her camera straps! She is going to give the winner a camera strap of their very own, made with the material that they choose!


Here’s how to enter!

*entry one: Go Like The Photog’s Helper Facebook page.

*entry two: Visit Turtle Taylor’s Facebook page and Like it.

Then just leave a single comment on this post letting me know that you visited both pages and you have now completed your giveaway entry!


1. Post a link to this blog post on your blog or Facebook page. Then leave the link in this post. (one extra entry)

2. Share a link to this blog post on your favorite forum and/or Twitter about the giveaway. Then leave the link in the comment section to this post. (each link is an extra entry)

The giveaway starts today, January 27th and ends February 3rd at Midnight PST. You have one week to enter and share this around to your friends. The winner will be announced Saturday February 4th and there also may or may not be a surprise waiting on the announcement post!

LEGAL NOTE: This promotion is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You will NOT be notified publicly via Facebook if you are a winner. You MUST be 18 to participate. By entering this giveaway, you are providing information to The Photog’s Helper and NOT to Facebook.  Prizes do not have cash value. There will be no returns/exchanges on any of the items.

Tuesday Tip :: Pamper Your Business


If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I’m all about supporting your business and yourself. You need to be able to love yourself and what you do. Sometimes, though, it can be really hard. Your parents might think it’s not a real job. Your partner may ask you why. You may feel like you are alone in the world, no one believes in your dream or that you can do it.

I’ve been blessed with a supportive family, a loving husband and the ability to be productive with little amounts of time.

If you don’t have that, I can help.

I’m giving away an amazing opportunity to pamper yourself and your business this year. But I’m not going to tell you about it (or the rest of the AMAZING giveaways). I’m going to let Two Pear Designs share what amazing gifts will be given to TWO lucky winners.

Contest to Come!


I hope you took advantage of Spanki’s contest. Check out her blog today to see if you won!

I have one of my own to share with you this week! Keep your eyes open to this location next Friday!  I’ve got a great surprise to come!

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