Critique for Samantha Mitchell Photography


Something about babies outside makes me smile. And when it includes super bright colors? Totally makes my day!

I love the bright purple flower especially. The texture on it is just so lovely. The framing of the image is a bit off though. If it had been moved to the right a bit, having the flower closer to the left side of the frame, the main focus of the image would be the baby and not the beautiful flower. She kind of gets lost as background because of the way the image is. Having the handle handle cut off at the top is distracting as well.

Taking time to look at the image in the frame before you click can do wonders with your post-processing time. Having one image that is perfectly framed in camera means you don’t have to crop or readjust the frame in Photoshop or Lightroom.

I’d love to see some more texture in the hat as well. It’s sort of blown out at the top of the head which may also be contributing to disappearing baby syndrome, but more importantly, it would be another great layer of texture that can be added to a great setup.

Those catchlights in the eyes are lovely and the cheeks!  I want to nom on the baby’s cheeks all day…do you think the momma would mind?

Thank you, Samantha, for sharing with us! You can visit her on her Facebook here. And don’t forget to leave some love!

Critique for JRP Photography


The facial expression on this little girl is absolutely breathtaking. Patient and at peace. Just glorious. The tones in the image as well. It’s nice and warm, without being too overdone.

The polka dots are a bit distracting…granted, for a family shoot, you’d want to keep it in the clothing that was worn by the child. But if you were to enter it into a competition or to use it in a portfolio, I would recommend removing the polka dots.

With only a few minutes of utilizing the patch tool, I made some of them go away. Super quick and easy fix. Just these few spots removed makes a difference.

The bokeh is fantastic.  Spot on focus on the eyes and the DoF on the rail the girl is leaning on is perfect. I would maybe clone the grass in the background to cover the spotty bits of brown, or use the brown to remove the grass.

Also, I wonder how this image would have looked if the angle was lower on the railing? Making it a bit more dynamic of an image…

Overall though, this is a fabulous image. Worthy of a huge 40×30 canvas for sure!

What do you think? Were my thoughts correct or do you think I was totally wrong?

Leave some love for Jo! Her blog is here and her Facebook is here.

Critique for Dorie Howell Photography


When this image popped into my inbox, I just had to smile. The beautiful colors and adorable little girl are just so lovely.

I was distracted then by the lower part of the image. There are two parts that take away from the precious child.  The shadow of the little bridge on the water with the lily pads is very dark. If I was to do a Threshold Layer on this image to see the lightest and darkest parts of it, the lily pads would be at the darkest for sure. The dark spots combined with the bokeh of the plants in the foreground pull away from what should be the main subject.

I think if either of the distracting pieces were removed, it would improve an already beautiful image.

Dorie, your work is so beautiful. The colors and emotion in this and your other images are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing!

For more of her work, visit and leave some love for here! Also, feel free to let me know what your thoughts on my critique are!



One of the bonuses from my years as an art major that I’ve managed to pull into my current life is the ability to accept and share critique. In every class I took, we’d have to create our masterpieces and then stand up and listen to people tear them down. Well, sometimes they were actually constructive, which was wonderful to receive.  You see, I really love information. I love education and being able to learn from everything I do.

It’s great to have other eyes on a project as well. We can get so involved with our own work that we can miss something obvious.

Anyone want an example?

Great! Cuz here we go!

I took pictures of this beautiful couple in January. We trooped around the local college campus in the beautiful wooded area (something I love about living in Oregon is the sheer massive amount of trees that are EVERYWHERE) in front of the main building. It had just rained the day before but this day was beautifully overcast. Great diffused light and everything was so green it was just gorgeous.

The couple went casual, the bride-to-be wearing cute flats. Soggy grass + ballet flats = dirty feet so her fiance grabbed her on his back and carried her across the grass to the sidewalk we were heading towards. Thankfully I had my camera out and got this shot (it has become one of my all time favorites). The fun facial expressions, reality and laughter make me happy.


It’s a fun photo and ultimately, nothing is horrible about it. But I went looking for critiques. I’m still (and always will be) learning my art. I don’t ever want to be stagnant! I communicated with some photographers and got some wonderful comments.

Here is the changes I made after those critiques:
Piggy Back
I never even THOUGHT about cloning out the big umbrella because it was a part of the moment but doesn’t it look so much better? I played with the curves a bit too, to make it look a bit bolder and I love it. Having other perspectives can make all the difference!

With that in mind, I want to help.  🙂  I’m offering FREE critiques to the first 10 people that send me an image (either attached or linked to Flickr or however you want to share) to smile {at}! Let me help you view your art through another pair of eyes.

Want more than one image kindly critiqued? I’m also offering a sale on my critiquing services in honor of today and just because I can (I love being my own boss!).  Send me an email with Critical Sale in the subject line to receive up to 10 images critiqued for just $20! (normally $5 an image)

I look forward to seeing your images…and if I get permission, I’ll share some here!

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