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Someone amazing that I’ve loved following along is Nubby Twiglet. She’s an amazing writer and person and is always full of incredible information.

It really hit me, especially as I go into this new year not quite where I’ve wanted to be. Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, I’m finally getting back on track. My schedule has settled down and I’m waking up at 7 again like I’ve been meaning to. I haven’t quite managed to do my workouts daily again but I have been getting dressed and not just staying in pajamas.

One step at a time and one of those goals has been to finally get in the right groove for business. I want to talk to you all more often. I have these things constantly rolling around in my head and it’s time to get them out.

I’m hoping that I can manage to get you guys more engaged. I want to talk about what you want to discuss. Put out there topics that may be uncomfortable or that always seem to be hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

So here is to 2014. Joy and honesty and exploration.

What is one of your goals for 2014?

Tuesday Tip :: Your Peeps


Tuesday Tip :: Your Peeps :: The Photog's Helper
On Location, my daughter/assistant took this photo (she was 4)

I have been blessed in my business to have some amazing girls that I work with. These two beautiful ladies are my hair and makeup artists for my clients and we also work together each quarter to do a fun session idea for their salon.

Tuesday Tip :: Your Peeps :: The Photog's Helper


The magic that we work is something that is unparalleled. We met when Kat and I were at Apple and have grown to be besties. Every Tuesday, we meet at our local coffee shop and just talk. Sometimes, we are planning out the next campaign. Most of the time, we’ll just sit and talk about nothing. Life is constantly changing and over the holidays, we went almost 6 weeks without really seeing each other. It took a definite toll on our days!

Things are back on track again, even with sickness and a new baby. The other day, we had lunch together and spent 3 hours at the restaurant.

The best part? These two are not photographers but they work with me. They don’t get behind the camera often, but they are creative, artistic and are amazingly supportive. You need a support system in your life. It can be photographers or not. Artists or not. Family, spouse or friends, you need people that help you be creative, inspire you to grow as an artist and most importantly, will hug you and hold your hand on any of life’s valleys and cheer with you at the mountain tops of life.

Who is part of your support system? Share with the rest of us in the comments and help inspire anyone that doesn’t have a support system to find one!

Tuesday Tip :: Thinking Inside the Album


I don’t know about you, but one thing I’ve had issues with over the last couple years of my business is not with my pricing, but in presenting it. I do in-person sales and believe that to sell you have to show. It didn’t make sense to have my price list on a piece of paper from my printer. Just felt like it cheapened the whole experience.

But then, my album company Priscilla Foster, came out with a new kind of album. The Dehlia album she offers is hand made with beautiful silk material options, just like the other albums I offer. I ordered a sample of this album with the slip-in pages.

Priscilla Foster Dehlia Album :: The Photog's Helper

I then printed out my price list onto glossy 5×7 printer pages and slipped them into the album.

Priscilla Foster Dehlia Album :: The Photog's Helper

Priscilla Foster Dehlia Album :: The Photog's Helper

Priscilla Foster Dehlia Album :: The Photog's Helper

I now love handing my pricing book to my clients. Being able to present something that has the prices as well as exists as a sample of an album fits my perfect mind set. I especially love being able to swap out a page if I need to. Instead of spending money on printing magazines, this has been a life saver! I am so very happy.

Thank you, Priscilla Foster, for your incredible products and the idea for my pricing book. I could not have done it without you!

How do you do your sales? In person or via an online gallery? Share with me in the comments!

Tuesday Tip :: Website Management


Have you ever wondered how to make your own website? Does the thought of WordPress and updating your web based portfolio makes you break out in hives? Do you hire someone instead of doing it yourself?

I’ve got a surprise for you.

2014 can be the year of magic. The year of you being able to manage your website, by yourself, have it be completely professional and constantly up to date. You’ll be able to save money, have more time on your hands and have a constantly current website for your clients!

Does that sound awesome?

I hope so! Because I’ve got it coming straight to you in January!!


This workshop will teach you how to do the WordPress yourself. Just like WordPress Wednesdays, but in person. You will have me available training you for a full hour. Then, 3 weeks in a Facebook to ask questions. At the end of those three weeks, you will have another hour long session where we will answer any questions you have and get real time help!

You cannot beat that!

Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do your website yourself, this is the thing you need!

Don’t Forget Yours


Christmas times come and it’s always a busy time for portrait photographers. Everyone seems to remember that they haven’t had a family portrait taken since last year and realizes they need something for their Christmas Card.

When you are so busy running around shooting everyone else’s families, don’t forget about your own! Whether you use a tripod with a timer or remote, have a photographer friend shoot you for trade or hire someone, get them done!

The Campbell Family :: The Photog's Helper

And when they are done, print one and put it on the wall! Do it, right now!

Linky Love :: 24 Ways to De-stress


You and I both know that this time of year is busiest for Portrait photographers. Everyone seems to remember about family pictures right around Christmas time. While this is good for the bank accounts (especially right before the slow season in January and February) sometimes it’s difficult to accept and truly acknowledge it.

So here is a post I found on how to relieve some of your stress!

Fit Sugar Destress

Number Eight was my favorite: Turn up the tunes: Research has shown that lying down and listening to music is as effective as massage.

Now excuse me, while I go rock out to a little classic 90’s rock!

And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to get even more tips and tricks on how to survive the Holiday Season!

November the First


Can you believe it’s November already? How did that even happen?

Halloween is over and we are getting into the busy holiday season. Are you ready for it?

Looking into the future full of holiday sessions, mini sessions, ordering presents for family, your clients and for your clients to give to their family….it can be overwhelming.

This year, I want you to take a little break and take some time for yourself.

Do yourself and your sanity a favor and use a permanent marker to schedule some personal time. A mani/pedi. Coffee with a friend. A bubble bath with a glass of wine. Do this for one day every week.

This week? My personal time will be heading into Portland to hang out with some lovely bloggers.



Anyone that blogs in the local area has a special something about them. The people that live here have a personality all our own. Anyone that hasn’t visited the Northwest is really missing out.


I mean, no, it’s terrible. Horrible. No visiting needed here!

Where do you live? What part of the area that you are in is your favorite and so different from anywhere else you’ve been?  And more importantly, what are you going to schedule for yourself in this next week?


Share on my Facebook page or in the comments below!

Successful People


If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was honored enough to be a part of a CreativeLive class in the audience.

It was taught by the amazing Laura Vanderkam and was all about how to be successful before breakfast and after. If you haven’t experienced her, you need to go right now!

The Most Successful

I learned so much and am still trying to process it all.

I’ve been surrounding myself with inspirational things to keep me going. The most recent discovery was on Pinterest (of course) that was linked to a site called Daily Quotes.


So…which of these 12 things are you going to start doing?


Sunday Inspiration :: It Takes Courage


As much as I love Pinterest, sometimes I hate not being able to find an original source.

It Takes Courage

This links to a design site: Lauren Ledbetter but I was unable to find this particular image on her site. That being said, it’s beautiful and fitting.

Growing up, I wanted to be an animator for Disney. I was an art major in college until I learned that I had been told to take the wrong classes and it would be another 4 years before I would graduate. In order to NOT have to deal with that, I switched my major to Sociology, took an internship at Walt Disney World with a few online classes and then came back and graduated a year later.

It was the best decision at the time and even now, I’m glad I did it. But the artistic bone in my body has always been there. I love art and find the beauty everywhere around me. I am so glad that now I get to see it all the time and still make money for my family.

Find the courage in your life. It may not be the vision you had of your life when you were a child or even a year ago and that’s okay. Own it and be bold enough to realize that you are you and should stay that way!


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