Tuesday Tip :: Try Something Different


Try Something Different :: The Photog's Helper

As photographers, we get into habits. Some may even call them ruts. We try to discover our styles, spending time studying how we edit and how we shoot, comparing ourselves to other photographers and other artists. We work at figuring things out and setting them up and everything to get our business and our brand real.

Sometimes though, you have to try something different. Push your posing up a level. Toss in props or accessories you wouldn’t normally do. Try a strange lighting situation to see what it looks like.

Try Something Different :: The Photog's Helper

Maybe even put a texture or two over, just to try it. There isn’t anything wrong with experimenting.

Try Something Different :: The Photog's Helper

You don’t have to share these images with anyone (unless you are me and like to torture yourself) and you don’t ever have to do anything with them. If anything, pushing yourself to try something different will make everything you do in the future for your business that much better.

So do it. Try something different. And don’t forget to share it with us! Share it on your Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #trysomethingdifferent! I can’t wait to see!

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