That Just Happened


I am still having a hard time realizing what this week was.

Not only did I get to meet and hang out with some AMAZING photographers, but being inspired by some of the top industry leaders in Modern Women’s Portraiture. CreativeLive is always an incredible experience, wherever you watch it but being in the audience is something unreal.

Beingin the audience with 100 other amazing members and experience it all with that large of a group adds something else that is kind of mind blowing.

And then when this happens:


That’s a screen shot a friend got on her computer of me hanging out with Sue Bryce.  I was one of five women chosen during the posing course to help show how to alter the rules for different body types.

photo 2

The five body types were Tall (I’m 5’11.5), Short, Curvy, Double Chin and Maternity. It was incredible. I was so inspired and it was well worth the pain from holding these slightly awkward poses!

photo 1

One part of it, she talked about how to stand and shoot when you are a different height from what you are shooting. Also, the very important lesson of working on your core so that you can hold yourself appropriately. I have got to do the Plank Challenge (a month late…)


Just some of the absolutely incredible people I got to meet and that I took selfies with. It was SO much fun! Top left is the creepy stalker selfie taken by Katie B and I with the amazing Lara Jade behind us. Top right is Lori Patrick who got to help behind the scenes and cut in line when I was waiting to hug Sue on the last day (and a photo bomb too!). It’s a good thing she’s cute! Bottom right is the always incredible cL host Russ. I tried to do another drive by selfie but Russ has magic camera ninja skills! And then the bottom left is someone any Sue Bryce fan will recognize: the gorgeous Mapuana.

Everyone was so nice and wonderful and sweet and inspiring. I cannot wait to put into place the things that I learned, not just in my own photography business but for you guys too!

Did you watch creativeLive? Do you love it? Did you see me?!? I’m so excited to hear what you guys think! If you missed it, the rebroadcast is pretty much constantly playing!

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