Tuesday Tip :: Website Management


Have you ever wondered how to make your own website? Does the thought of WordPress and updating your web based portfolio makes you break out in hives? Do you hire someone instead of doing it yourself?

I’ve got a surprise for you.

2014 can be the year of magic. The year of you being able to manage your website, by yourself, have it be completely professional and constantly up to date. You’ll be able to save money, have more time on your hands and have a constantly current website for your clients!

Does that sound awesome?

I hope so! Because I’ve got it coming straight to you in January!!


This workshop will teach you how to do the WordPress yourself. Just like WordPress Wednesdays, but in person. You will have me available training you for a full hour. Then, 3 weeks in a Facebook to ask questions. At the end of those three weeks, you will have another hour long session where we will answer any questions you have and get real time help!

You cannot beat that!

Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do your website yourself, this is the thing you need!

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