Sunday Inspiration :: It Takes Courage


As much as I love Pinterest, sometimes I hate not being able to find an original source.

It Takes Courage

This links to a design site: Lauren Ledbetter but I was unable to find this particular image on her site. That being said, it’s beautiful and fitting.

Growing up, I wanted to be an animator for Disney. I was an art major in college until I learned that I had been told to take the wrong classes and it would be another 4 years before I would graduate. In order to NOT have to deal with that, I switched my major to Sociology, took an internship at Walt Disney World with a few online classes and then came back and graduated a year later.

It was the best decision at the time and even now, I’m glad I did it. But the artistic bone in my body has always been there. I love art and find the beauty everywhere around me. I am so glad that now I get to see it all the time and still make money for my family.

Find the courage in your life. It may not be the vision you had of your life when you were a child or even a year ago and that’s okay. Own it and be bold enough to realize that you are you and should stay that way!


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