Moving Woes!


We just moved to a new house this last week and while I thought everything would go smoothly (it didn’t) and also wouldn’t take as long as I imagined (it never does), on top of the usual surprises (it being almost 95 degrees plus humidity in Oregon that rarely happens and having to call 911 to get my dad checked out thanks to heat exhaustion)

Thanks @forestgrovefire and  #MetroWest for taking care of my dad and giving him a hard time. Heat exhaustion is fun times. #ilovemyfamily #movingjoys #notaboringday

I also managed to pull an important muscle in my back. This has dropped my productivity significantly which in turn means my schedule for the weeks has changed.

So I’m sorry there hasn’t been a WordPress Wednesday for a bit. There is more to come though, I promise!

Always in Love,


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