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I had a script all planned out for a video this week and then my dad needed me to help him with some things so I have had to do an emergency trip with him several hours south. I was still planning on making a video, just with a different background. The problem occurs with the lack of lighting options. Who knew that fluorescent lighting in lounge waiting areas was so horrible?

Okay, that was a trick question…I think we all knew this would be an awful idea. So instead, I’m going to do some links for you to help you install WordPress on your site.

Here are the direct links that will take you to the pages that will walk you through each step for your particular hosting company!

go daddy logo



host monster


Now on to my favorite. Tigertech is the company I use and I have had nothing but amazingness with them. Not only are they less expensive than most other companies that I’ve researched, their customer service has been comparable to none. Through my helping a number of photographers over the years, I have an unusual amount of experience with different companies. Seriously, if you have thought about switching hosting companies and want someone that is easy to use, you can get a real person (based in the US even!) for support and it’s easy on your wallet, you need to use Tigertech!


Next week, I’ll be back with a video and we’ll go through the different options within the WordPress install directly!

Let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget, there is still time to fill out my questionnaire and help me guide the future.

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