Wandering Wednesday



Sometimes, I wonder why my mind goes like it does. All over the place sometimes and other times I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. There are days that I have twenty things going on at once and I feel like I can juggle them with no problem. Other mornings, I wake up and it takes all of my concentration to get dressed.

How I wish I could manage that concentration by myself. That I could grasp the tasks in my list and do everything needed.

Alas, I’m not perfect. Every day, I have to make myself do what is needed. Helping other people with their business, getting it organized and helping it run has helped me in my own business in unspeakable ways.

I am so blessed to have this network of you all. Sometimes the industry is exhausting. The cliques and egos and resentment and anger that can build up anytime you have more than one person together.

But there are pockets of joy. Pockets of love. So thank you.

Lets spread the love to each other.

And that’s the end of this Wandering Wednesday post. I know it rambles all over the place but these are thoughts that run through my head before I fall asleep.

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