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I love when someone gets something done before I do. I’m all about being able to share the love that someone else put together and even more so when it can share the love of five more amazing authors and bloggers. These five free ebooks will definitely be able to take you forward on your path to awesomeness.

The best part about this blog post by the AMAZING Betty Red is that all five ebooks are by women. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not someone that thinks women are the only ones that can do something right. Instead, I know that women think differently then men. Unfortunately, with the history in this country of patriarchy it’s difficult for women to be taken seriously in some industries. Photography is not any different. If you look at any sort of photography history books or on a list of famous photographers, men will be featured fairly prominently. That is slowly beginning to change, but we can work on making that even more effective.

Take yourself seriously. Concentrate on presenting yourself as a professional business person. Now, this does not mean you have to wear suits every day (ha, I’m lucky if I’m wearing a bra…) or that you can’t be yourself, but instead just pause a moment before you do or say anything. No bad mouthing clients or vendors or anyone on your website, blog or Facebook. When you are presenting yourself to a client or potential business to work with, put together an actual packet and hand deliver it (you probably should at least wear a bra to that…). Smile when you talk to them, relax and be yourself. Your work is probably amazing, so present your personality and let them fall in love with you as you are. You are incredible, don’t forget that. I know that you can be yourself and professional at the same time.

It can be a delicate balance, but you can do it. You will be a better business person and professional when you realize that. Download these ebooks put together by Betty Red and take more steps to become incredible.

What ebooks and newsletters do you love?

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