Tuesday Tip :: Put A Stamp On It


I’m going to start this post out with a little video:

The tv show this clip is from is called Portlandia and if you have never seen it, consider it the Hipster version of SNL. It also is very much the epitome of Portland if you take it and condensed it down into short skits.

Now, that actually has nothing to do with this post but the tag line is catchy. It also brings to mind a special tip I use for my photography business.

Put a Stamp on It :: The Photog's Helper


After a session is done, I get home and immediately set up a postcard. Red Stamp is an app that will change your world! They have an option to send a postcard that has a square area that can pop out and BAM they have an instant, framed photo already!

The printing is beautiful and it is an immediate way to be remembered!

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

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