Tuesday Tip :: Elect Yourself


Today is Election Day in the US. This means most people will be going to a location to cast their vote.

In Oregon, however, the entire state votes by mail in ballot.

We are able to sit and look up things in the internet, but also we can vote early.

I voted almost 2 weeks ago because of this.

It got me thinking as well. Way out here in Oregon, we don’t get the barrage of campaign ads that some of the swing states get but our local elections give us plenty of campaign garbage. For the last few months, we’ve gotten mounds of flyers and letters. One was even a letter with a hand written font from a candidate’s grandmother.

That being said, these last two days we have seen an incredible influx of paperwork. I finally put a sign on our door telling people that we have already voted.

The candidate offices that prepared this information? They missed the boat. Yes, there is a high number voters that wait….but most of Oregon has already voted!

Looking into this structure, you know that there are things to think about it.

Why did the offices in charge of the voting decisions choose to wait so last minute in a state that can vote up to a month ago? Some of the flyers were brand new, this was the first flyer they had chosen to send out.

I don’t know, but I am taking it into account.

Christmas cards a week before Christmas? No. You have to plan them out a bit before hand.

Now excuse me, I am going to set up my holiday picture campaign to see if I can get it out before New Years…..

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