A Desktop Update :: Boxing Day



I’ve found the perfect box for hiding my router! Be careful….this post is going to be long!

This is the setup before hand. As you can see, it was just boringly cluttered. No rhyme or reason, just everything together.


Enter: the magic box!

This fabulous box came from Michael’s. It was $1.66. They have a WHOLE bunch of boxes on sale, with all sorts of colors and designs!

And look! It’s just the perfect size! I placed it next to there so that I could measure the holes for the cuts to be made for those cables.

Just a quick little mark with pencils shows me the places for the cuts.

Then came the cuts! Knowing that it would be placed to the wall and I wouldn’t see it (and neither would anyone else) I wasn’t too worried about perfectly straight lines. I also made sure that the holes were wide enough to allow for ventilation. Anything that is powered by electricity, you know you want to make sure it can breathe!

Already looking better! It fits perfectly!

Slap the lid on it, and viola! It’s pricelessly perfect!

And look at how pretty my Apple Time Capsule looks too! It stacks so nice and lovely!

Speaking of those boxes…what are they holding?

Receipts of course! It’s so nice to have them in a place that’s easy to access and not in a drawer or file folder that’s all bothered by other things…it works so much better for me!

The other two boxes don’t quite have a home yet…but I’m thinking thumbtacks and magnets and other supplies and maybe some other things too….

Doesn’t that look so much nicer than the first picture?

Here’s a side by side comparison, just in case!

Oh, and that tall green jar on the right hand side? Full of dark chocolate covered almonds. The perfect snack to keep me going on long nights editing!

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