Linky Love :: 3 Mays to be Remarkable


I love when you find something that has absolutely nothing to do with photography and make it work for your business. Back in September 2011, The Modern Tog discovered a grocery store that went above and beyond the every day. It became something amazing and something worth talking about.

                                                                                                                                                         Source: via Kristan on Pinterest

The article above has inspired me even more to look outside of the photography industry to be inspired. There is no sense in doing what other photographers do in there business all the time when there are so many amazing ways to do things in your business.

This week, look around in a new light. Take a look at the world around you, view the stores that you go to all the time and find out WHY you go there. The more you can discover about why you have an emotional connection with a location, the more you can begin to add similar experiences into your own business.

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