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The instant that I saw this post from Brand Camp Blog I immediately sat up straighter. This past week or so has been so intense with my hustle. I’ve been spending the time working to figure out every day what I’m doing. I feel like sometimes all I’m doing is hustling my business and my services. Putting myself out there as if I’m walking the streets.

But this article reminded me that it’s not quite what I’m doing. I’m sending my name out to the world, knowing that it will only bring back good things. I know that the only one that is going to be doing the advertising is me. As of right now, I am the marketing department. I am the sales department. I am my entire business…yes, that means that sometimes I hold meetings with all departments and talk to myself. I’ll prep as if I am the heads of each department, concentrating solely on the duties put forth. That compartmentalizing has helped make a huge difference with how I put myself forth.

Do you compartmentalize? Or do you throw everything into the dish and hope to be able to get it done? Do you have your schedule broken down into blocks to work on each portion?

More importantly, how do you hustle yourself? How do you handle the constant need and requirement to put yourself out there?

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