Tuesday Tip :: Personal Confidence


5 minutes before I leave for a shoot, I always end up standing in front of my mirror after using the toilet and stare at myself. I take several deep breaths, trying my best to relax. It doesn’t matter if I’m just going out to play or if I’m second shooting a wedding or if I’m going to portrait session.

I need those moments to center myself. To gain the confidence I know I have and be able to showcase it to the world.

This time is all about me. It’s not a last minute study session before a test or a double check to fix anything that might be forgotten in my camera bag.

Instead, it’s a heartbeat in the middle of a busy day that is strictly to reflect on what I’m doing and why I love it. To remind myself how much I adore photography and the pictures that I take.

From there? I got this. I can handle anything thrown at me and be amazing.

Rocking my Katniss braid for a fashion show this evening! Ima fashion photographer and rocking it!


What do you when you get ready for a session? Do you have reminders to be amazing and boost your confidence?

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