Tuesday Tip :: Make a Connection


As a photographer, you are invited into people’s lives. You will see things that normal strangers are not wanted to see. Children will have meltdowns. Brides will have Bridezilla moments, no matter how relaxed and calm they are when you meet with them. This is just the way people are when stress is introduced to your life.

Because of the trust that these people have in you, the first point of contact should be who you are. Every piece of your world should showcase who you are (from your brand and website to how you dress at a session) so that you can concentrate on getting the connection and not trying to make sure you ACT how you think you should.

Get that About page updated. Make sure you have an image that speaks of who you are as a person.  For example: here is my About Me image on my website:

I’m quirky, a little bit silly and ready to get glammed up in a heartbeat. I also know how to have fun!

The biggest thing photographers forget – your Voicemail message! It should be professional but speak to your personality. So make sure it’s not the default one that comes with it (or even worse, the default Google Voice VM…that one is painful).

Take time today to go through and make sure that everything is exactly how it should be. That your email addresses are set up to be custom and professional. Your About page is there. Everything that your client touches is set to be part of the connection you want to make.

Even if all you do today is make your To Do list, touch on it this week. Get it started, because if you don’t start, you can’t ever finish.

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