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                                                                                            Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

I have a slight problem in my life with over-scheduling myself. I absolutely LOVE every task that I schedule (well, not laundry/dishes/cleaning/etc…..but I am happy when they are done!) and so it’s difficult to just choose to not do something. My life balance is delicate and sometime fails….but I have several tried and true ways of relaxing. My evening always ends with reading a book on my phone in bed. It provides me with moments to breathe and detox my mind before I sleep. My morning always begins with stretches and yoga, meditative devotionals and getting ready for the day.

When it comes to my business, I know that taking the moments to get control of it all is worth more than just diving in to the first job you think of. This list from Divas and Dreams, the amazing blog from Christina Reve, is ideal. It writes down very basically exactly what you should do to get (and stay) organized.

I’m obsessed with #2 and #4 and it is constantly part of my day. #3 is something that I have problems with.

I don’t know if you want to see it….but I am far from perfect.

This is one side of my desk. There is a lot of junk on there….we moved a few months ago, moving is now not an excuse anymore. I have got to get my office together. I’m going to detox the office over the next couple days, using this list.

Will you join with me and detox part of your world?

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