Tuesday Tip :: Change Can Be Good


My hair has been pretty much the same since I hit puberty. When I was really little, it was thin, frizzy and platinum blonde. As I got older, it got darker and now was a great rich brown.


I had never dyed my hair until after I turned 30. I started with a little blonder. It was great and natural, fresh and fun! I had some great highlights that put a kick into it!

Lunch with a photog friend! ❤

My photography hair and makeup artist (and friend) did that first hair dying experience and when she was looking for someone to practice some new products on, I volunteered. I wasn’t afraid of the dye anymore!

What's this? Hair down for the second day in a row? I win!

Now, what does this have to do with photography?

I was afraid of dying my hair for years. For 30 years, in fact. I pretended that it was a choice, that I was choosing not to dye my hair when in fact, I was afraid. I was nervous that it would look bad, that it wouldn’t be me. That it would be weird.

There are some things in business that are scary. Choices that you know you should at least try once. Even if you don’t like it, trying it can give you better perspective on why.

You may think that doing in person ordering is too intimidating, that it won’t be worth it for the time from your family. Or that shooting in RAW instead of JPG, because of the extra time that you have to put into it. Maybe you have been hesitating to add a special product or service to your repertoire.

Your homework this week is to take a look at what you are afraid of and make steps towards discovering it. Find out why you might be afraid of it and figure out how to step past it. Make it something that you may be afraid of and even if you just acknowledge what you are afraid of you are a winner!

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