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My love for Alex Beadon seems to only grow with each day. Her photography is breathtaking, her words are inspirational and I adore her Chatty Tuesdays and her great voice and attitude.

                    Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

This post by Alex makes it plain and simple. It really is an added bonus to my post from last week as well. When you are setting goals, you need to know how far you want to go. Plan those big, overarching goals that are huge and will completely change your life. If you don’t have a plan that seems unreachable, you won’t be able to find those opportunities that may end up being even better than that far reaching goal. Because you have set yourself up to dream about a huge future, you can achieve so much more!

So take advice from the divine Miss Beadon: Go Big or Go Home!!

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1 Comment on Linky Love :: Five Words

  1. Alex
    June 22, 2012 at 12:01 am (6 years ago)

    Aww Kathy, thanks so much for all of your kind words and encouragement! They mean so much to me and I am so happy that you enjoyed the message of my post yesterday. The words have, for some reason or another, hit me very hard and have kind of woken me up in a way. I sat down and wrote out goal after goal yesterday, and how I’m going to achieve them. I did monthly big goals for 12 months, but smaller goals for 3 months which I’ll have to update every 3 months. I’m very excited and I hope these five words keep me motivated 🙂


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