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Have any of you played that Logo Identification game out there? There are a variety of types with the basic premise being the ability to recognize a company without the name. Who doesn’t immediately know what the big red circle within a circle is (Target, anyone)? The Nike swoosh, the Apple apple. All of these icons and font styles immediately bring to mind the company they identify and the products or services they provide. The G of Gucci and the C’s of Coach just scream luxury while the yellow smiley face of Wal*Mart let you know you are in for a discount.

What does your logo say about you? More importantly, does your logo work with your brand?

It’s so important to make sure that everything your brand touches, whether it be your business card, your website, your packaging, your emails, even how you answer the phone all are incorporated together.

The easiest way to create a cohesive brand is to work with a branding specialist. Someone who knows what they are doing, can work with you to narrow down exactly what you want to portray and make sure everything is exactly what it needs to look like.

One of my favorite branding gurus is Kristina Kathrynn Photography and Design. She works strictly with photographers, since she is one as well, she knows what she is doing! Her designs are unique to each customer so you will get something fresh and specific just to you, as opposed to a tweak of a current design. Not only are her designs gorgeous, but she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! I had the pleasure of meeting up with her in Vegas at WPPI this past year and, after learning she was in my area (Pacific Northwest represent!) we have gotten together a couple times.

When she asked me if I would want to help with a contest she was putting on, what else could I do but scream YES!?!

So, go here and check out the rules and instructions. It’s a giveaway unlike any other you’ve seen. You have an opportunity to get a complete branding makeover just by using Pinterest (who doesn’t love Pinning for a Purpose?) and creating a board with a branding inspiration. Best of all, even if you don’t win, you’ll have created a board full of inspiration and ideas to help you streamline your brand.

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