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I love giving things away. I could give away the shirt on my back if I could. Instead, I’m giving away some motivation!

Well, it’s more of in the form of me helping motivate you. We’ll start with a two hour conversation on the phone and just talk things through. We can figure out where you are at currently, where you want to go, where you feel like you are stuck and how you want to get around it.

From that point, we’ll also have monthly follow ups. I’ll be checking in with the winner once a month to find out what they have gotten done, go over their to do list and make sure they are on track. By the end of the year, if the do the work, I can guarantee you will be more successful than you were when you started out!

This is a package I offer that is normally $1200. It’s only for someone that is willing to put in the work. They have to WANT to get better.

Someone that did want to get better was the amazing photographer Bri Woods-Chaney. She was struggling with confidence and how to balance her entire world.

She is now someone I would call a dear friend. I cheer for her successes (she is now almost always booked and has special projects, she was even flown to Vegas to shoot a special convention!) and cry during her hard times, professional or personal.

I want to believe in you. Let me help believe in you!

And because I want so badly to help, I’m going to be having a sale on my package that includes the prize I’m giving to On The Spot Studio!

You will be able to sign up for my year long motivation and inspirational check-in where we can talk about anything you like for 50% off! Normally $1200, you can have this once in a life time opportunity to change your business for $600. I offer payment plans, but think of this as one of the best business tools you will purchase this year. A full years worth of help and support from someone that understands and is here just to make you rock it.

Interested? Email me and we can set up a date!  As will all of my opportunities, I offer a free initial consultation to make sure we mesh! I want you to be happy and successful!

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