Tuesday Tip :: Stamping


Over the past year, I have become a HUGE fan of Apple, Inc. My iPhone 4s is my lifeline during the day. My new iPad has completely changed my workflow. My 27″ iMac makes my business at home amazing. My love affair has become complete. I even use an Apple TV to mirror my sessions onto my client’s tis.

Because of my Apple love, I am always looking at new apps to discover. One I’ve found that I adore is Red Stamp. It’s a free app that has great cards. You can put photos directly into the card and then either save the image directly or even mail it out!

How cute are these? The options are beautiful and the variety available is fantastic. Do you see the one with the dog? That says Pop-out? If you order a physical card to be mailed, it’s printed and the image inside the white border becomes a little photo that can become a mini framed image. I’m sending one out to a friend so that they get their own little copy of a photo they loved.

I can’t wait until she gets this in the mail…it’s going to be so cute. Not only that, I’ve started using it with my clients. I’ll rush home and pick a favorite image from their session and send a thank you card. Love it and love this app!

How about you? Do you love The Fruit or something else? Do you send a thank you note to your clients in the snail mail after your sessions? Share with me!

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