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I love this article about Tip Jars by Psychology For Photographers. Firstly, what a great website concept. As the proud owner of a Bachelors in Sociology, I’m subconsciously reacting and thinking of things in an “ology” sort of way. It intrigued me throughout my college years how logical people would react.

In one of my classes (titled “Ethnomethodology” – to date my favorite class title ever), the final project was to study a complicated intersection on campus. It was a T shaped intersection where two roads were one way and the other was two way. Only one stop sign and no crosswalks. We studied how the traffic and people interacted and crossed the road. The history of the road included more signs and cross walks and they discovered that less actually worked better.

It was a perfect example of Social Proof. From the link below, they quoted Robert Cialdini:

Robert Cialdini summarized social proof by saying, simply:

“We determine what is correct by finding out what other people think is correct.”

I love the study of Social Proof and how it works and how often it can be seen in public. Being able to apply my degree to real life has been really neat!

Check out the article to see how Social Proof can affect your photography business in a negative way.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

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