Tuesday Tip :: Find Your Inspiration


Today, the sun is shining after it snowed last night (ahhh, Portland….) and I had a wonderful dream.

I dreamed of a photography workshop weekend. We were in a beautiful hilly area with sunshine and green grass and beautiful wild flowers. The lighting was amazing and the air smelled so perfect.

I remember climbing the stairs of this cabin and finding a beautiful open floor plan full of rustic wood planks and some beds done up with cozy looking quilts. I settle in and hear someone else come up the stairs.

It’s Jose Villa and I try my best not to freak out.

His work is so breathtaking and he is one of my inpirational photographers, who’s style has inspired my own. He has such a sense of light and beauty that I just love everything he does.

                  Source: josevillablog.com via Kathy on Pinterest


I dream of being able to style the way he arranges all the details for his weddings and everything else he shoots.

                  Source: josevillablog.com via Kathy on Pinterest


The dream continued on and contained a variety of hazy feeling moments of elation. I awoke inspired and riding this wave of excitement for the art I am able to create as well.

My office is filled with images that inspire me. I have framed printed products from WPPI 2011 I received in Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina’s classes that inspire me daily.

What inspires you? Are you surrounded by it? Is it easily accessible? Does it get the attention that inspiration deserves?

Have *YOU* ever had a dream about a photographer? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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1 Comment on Tuesday Tip :: Find Your Inspiration

  1. Danyel Rogers
    March 6, 2012 at 1:23 pm (6 years ago)

    Ok I don’t mean to be silly here but YOU inspire me! The excitement you hold for the art. The knowledge that you hold. I’m lucky to have the honor of knowing such an amazing person. You inspire me to grow to the true photographer I am!

    Other photographers I inspire from is Mario Masitti & Chuckie Arlund. I love their style of shooting yet two very different ways of portraits. Mario in his movement of fluid stills and Chuckie for his fashion edgy captures.

    As for dreams (you’re not the only one) I think the last one you were in. We were in this HUGE warehouse with several shooting sets. We were surrounded by other amazing photographers doing what they do best!


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