Souvenir Foto School


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Several years ago, I was just beginning to learn my photography. I was desperate to grow and educate myself and explored whatever I could to learn. Back in 2010, I joined a petite session that the glorious Miss B started. I explored my Fujifilm S5200 and had a blast. At one point, I even had to switch to my iPhone 3G because we were on dial-up way out in the middle of no where and needed the ability to upload it easier. But shooting the same object for several weeks and hoping that it would change was a great learning experience.

Then in August I took advantage of the next SFS. It was a month of taking an image a day all having to do with the alphabet. I chose to do pictures of my daughter and, to add an extra bit of challenge, did it in order. Some of my favorite images came from that session.







I’ve learned so much about composition and editing and timing and dedication.

I can’t wait to take advantage of the next 30 day challenge. I’m excited to see the difference my photography has grown in the past couple years. I know that I’ve grown so much and cannot wait to see what I’m next able to do with the same challenge. Do you want to grow too?

Click on the image at the top and you can take advantage of the growing experience with me!

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