Tuesday Tip :: For The New Year


It’s now 2012. In fact, several days into it.

Have you already missed out on your New Year Resolutions? Already failing on your diet? (I am…well, not my diet, but my thought for not eating junk….I’ve had pizza twice and donuts for breakfast once….and it’s only the third….*sigh*)

But I’m still positive. It’s a learning curve, adjusting everything to fit the situation.

And my business plans and resolutions are going better than my personal ones. I have a new desk and freshly organized office that is making things a lot more efficient. My printer that has been hiding in the closet forever is connected. I’ve got my disks and packaging supplies for my photography business organized and sorted. I have a few things to sort through and get a few things for the office and then it’ll be done. Maybe redo the pictures on the wall. But it’s fantastic now. My daughter even has her own desk that she does “work” at.

And that’s how I like it. An organized desk. A list of to-dos. Goals and things that I can finish.

What are you professional resolutions and goals for this year?

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