Tuesday Tip :: Freeeeeeeee


I’ve got a confession. Don’t tell anyone….but I’m cheap. I use every option available that is free before I pay for anything. This helps me work with what I have before I get anything new but also has me think outside of the box.

Curious about a particular person’s actions or textures? Most have freebies.

Wondering how Lightroom works versus Aperture? Free trials!

Especially since everyone has different opinions over everything. That is why there are so many options available after all, because everyone likes different things! Something that works for you may not be the best fit for someone else.

But I also know about value. After I find something I love, I will pay what is asked to get it. The value of something is worth more than money sometimes.

This should be used in your photography business. Giving something free (a blog, slideshow, previews) of your talent is the best way to allow your customers to experience what you can provide. By sharing this for free, you can begin to build the foundation.

But it can’t be everything. Most of our clients don’t have the ability to differentiate true art from another. This is why they will print out small sized images huge and see them pixelated but don’t quite get why it looks weird. Why they will hire a photographer that charges $50 for a disk with 300 unedited images.

You have to provide something more than just beautiful images. You need to figure out what makes you different and what you can do to make your clients love you.

Find out what you can provide for free and what makes you different. Get ready to rock their worlds!

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